Ivan Jovanovic

Hi, I’m Ivan, an experienced full-stack web software engineer and consultant. I want to help your ideas happen and your business and engineering problems get solved. I am happy if you send me an email and explore how can I help you.

Currently, I am building a web application for simulating human social interactions for the project fuel.social. Project is implemented as real-time Golang backend and React frontend with MongoDB for storage. I am owning whole development process from working with customer on grooming the business related details to implementation and automated testing. Customer is providing Ui/UX designs.

Previously, I helped building some of the biggest Swiss websites like tilllate.com (one of the biggest European social networks in the pre-Facebook era) and local.ch, one of the most visited Swiss websites.

From mid 2013 to the end of 2016 I worked at Microsoft R&D center in Zurich, leading a front-end team responsible for building Microsoft Social Engagement, complex web product for social data acquisition, analytics and cross-channel engagement, part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer. Currently, I am providing services in the domain of web software engineering through my small company loopthrough GmbH


Through years I worked in number of roles and gathered experiences from all aspects of the web product development, from quality assurance, through architecture design and implementation to people and project management. I acquired deep understanding of:

Through my work I focused my expertise on the application side of the projects where I regularly contributed as a full-stack web developer. I have used mostly following technologies:

As a curious engineer, I am committed to continuous improvement of my technical and non-technical skills needed for best possible contribution in the process of web product delivery.