A year behind my back

Posted on September 16, 2009

The year is behind me since I wrote last post. A lot, mostly good, has happened.

First and most important I have finished my studies. Now I can proudly say that I’m an Electrical Engineer in the field of Automation and Control Engineering. But wait, how does Senior Web Developer position relates to that? Let that be a topic for further evaluation :) Let just say that in one moment I had to decide what interests me more.

Somewhere at the beginning of February, after almost year and a half, our cooperation with Tilllate ended. Thanks to the Maarten, Leo, Silvan, Cyprian, Jia-yong Ou, Michael, Thilo and others for being friendly, positive and smart to create great surrounding to work in. I have raised my skill to much higher level and learned a lot about programming in high-traffic, heavy-loaded environment and gained much wider view on software development than I had before. I’d like to specially thank to Tilllate Chief Software Engineer Maarten Manders for having confidence that I will do proper job with some crucial parts of Tilllate, I hope I succeeded.

During the March I have started looking for a new job, preferably in Switzerland. After evaluation of open positions in the market I have applied for a position of frontend engineer in local.ch. In May I went to Zurich on the interview and until the beginning of the June I was offered a job. I accepted the offer and there was just one little thing standing between me and Zurich, the procedure of getting working permission for the non-EU citizen. Hard times for me :) To cut the story (since writing this post took some time and things happened meanwhile) I got my working permission after several months. Now I’m waiting for Swiss entrance visa and until the end of October I should start on my new job in Zurich. Currently I’m looking for a temporary flat in Zurich where I could reside for couple months before I find real place to live and bring my wife to Zurich too.

As it is in real life, some stories are at the beginning, and some are at the end. While writing this post, I’m spending last days in youngculture. It was great experience and pleasure, before all, for me to work with some of the most advanced developers in Belgrade in very high-quality working environment. I met friends for the whole life here and my two years in Belgrade will stay clearly positive experience. However, youngculture headquarters is based in Zurich, and people that I worked with regularly travel to Switzerland, so I presume I won’t miss them too much :) I’m ready for beer or two whenever you call!!!!

The year has passed so fast that I almost did not notice it. Just heard “whuush” sound somewhere around birthday. I had no time to devote to the things I like as blogging and out-of-work internet existence, but I hope that next year will change that. I planned to reorganize this domain and blog so I could efficiently present what I’m working on and things I like. I hope as well that starting new job will give me the chance to reconsider some priorities in life and bring some fresh air as well.